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Welcome to Dakota Territory Federal Credit Union

Dakota Territory Federal Credit Union is a community chartered Credit Union providing a full line of financial services to businesses or other legal entities located within the boundaries of the Lead-Deadwood School District, and persons who live, work, worship, or attend school there. If you or someone you know would like to become a member-owner of our financial cooperative, come see us at our office or give us a call

Services Available

LOANS Include:
Auto Signature Student
Recreational Vehicles Vacation
SAVINGS Include:
Savings Accounts Certificates IRAs 
Overdraft Protection Savings Bonds Direct Deposit
Share Draft Accounts Credit Cards ATM/Debit Card Service
New/Used Car Guides Money Orders Traveler's Checks
Wire Transfer Service Christmas Club Life Savings Insurance
Credit Disability Insurance Cancer Insurance  Other Insurance
Consumer Guide Books Payroll Deposit SDCUL Call Center
Electronic Tax Filing Drive Up Window Night Depository
Notary Public Fax Service Postage Stamps

Credit Cards or Debit Cards?
Your Dakota Territory Federal Credit Union now offers both types of cards, but finds not everyone understands the difference.  It's really quite simple. The Credit Card is like getting a loan from your credit union. You buy an item and the cost is charged against your account to be paid at the end of the monthly billing cycle. If you can't afford to pay the entire "loan" off, you can make a partial (minimum or larger) monthly payment. The Debit Card, on the other hand is a type of electronic "share draft." The minute you sign for a debit card purchase, the money is removed from your credit union account. It's a quick way to make a purchase, you must be certain you have sufficient funds in the account to cover the purchase. For more information on either card call Lorraine at 578-3995.
Share Drafts VS ATMs
Share drafts are the credit union version of "checking."  You control the amount of payment to be rendered and designate the person or firm to be paid.   ATM (Automated Teller Machines) cards offer you 24 hour, direct access to cash.   In some instances when firms are hesitant to accept share drafts, an ATM card can help you obtain needed cash.  Important things to remember about ATM's is to limit the number of monthly uses to avoid transaction charges and to look for those ATM machines which accept your account cards without a secondary surcharge.
IRAs - Now There Are Three Kinds!
During 1997, the US Congress passed new legislation which allowed two new types of IRAs (Individual Retirement Accounts).  The "traditional IRA" continues to allow wage earners and spouses to tax defer earnings on funds set aside under an IRA.   The new law allows a progressively more liberal amount of earnings to qualify for this benefit.  The new Roth IRA is taken from tax paid earnings, but when the Roth IRA is withdrawn at the qualified age, no tax dollars are due, as opposed to the traditional IRA.  A third type of IRA is the Education IRA, which allows minors to have $500 annually set aside for them on a deferred basis, with the payout available once they reach age 18.  No matter which IRA you are interested in starting or continuing, be certain to check with your credit union on how affordable we can make them for you!   Just a few dollars set aside with regularity will build into a handsome nest egg!

Autos-New or Used!
If you are in the market for new (or newer) wheels, be sure to talk to us at Dakota Territory FCU.  We have all the information you need to make a wise buy.  We'll pre-approve a loan so you can bargain better with your dealer on a "cash basis."   And, we even have information on leasing so you can know all the facts before you sign anyone's dotted line!

Call your credit union for more information: 1-877-651-8123

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E-MAIL: dtfcu@rushmore.com
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